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SAIL – Homebound Program

Welcome to the State of Alabama Individual Living/Homebound (SAIL) personal care resource page for ATC Healthcare Services, Inc (ATC) personal care workers.

This page serves as the central location for all pertinent information and enrollment documents for SAIL Homebound care workers onto ATC payroll.  Additional related employee documents are listed as well:

custom ATC time card for SAIL care workers


ATC – SAIL HCA Enrollment Package 03-18
new employee enrollment package updated as of August 7, 2017


HCA Employee Handbook 08-2018
detailed agreement between employee and ATC their employer


Medical, Dental, and Vision plan
for ATC employees averaging twenty (20) or more hours per week


ATC Birmingham Communication Standards
list of our communication policies


All inquiries related to any matters related to the SAIL – ATC staffing partnership please email the following address
(Anniston, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, and Decatur only) 

SAIL – Northcentral – 215 <sailnorthcentral215@atchealthcare.com>

All timecards are to be submitted via email or fax to the following:
time card email ATC North-central Time cards<atc2058791332@atchealthcare.com>
time card fax 205-879-1332

205-870-7423  work
205-879-1332 fax

All inquiries related to SAIL in the Mobile and Dothan areas call the ATC Mobile office at (251) 660-8574


Written by Martin A. Briggs Nurse Staffing Director





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