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Helpful Websites for School Nurses

Contact our lead school nurse ambassador should you have questions regarding school nursing

Bianca Prinsloo Guiser, RN
Lead School Nurse Ambassador
ATC Healthcare Services, Inc



  • School Menu: http://www.schoolmenu.com/
    • Click on Alabama, then your school system, and then school
    • Should be updated during the school year to assist with carb counting for students with diabetes




  • Insulin Pumps:
    • Common pumps seen in school environment according to Children’s of Alabama Diabetes Education Department:
      • Animas Brand (Ping and Vibe pumps)
      • Medtronic Brand (MiniMed, 530, 630G pumps)
        • Included in attachment sent via email
      • Omnipod pump
      • Tandem pump
        • Use the T Simulator App to figure out how to work this pump; app is very easy to use and self-explanatory


  • TRIO Safety AED & CPR: Call Brad Skiff  for AEDs (205) 440-1000 or  brad@triosafety.com.  Visit the TRIO company web site for on or off site CPR classes


  • Fast Facts for the School Nurse: School Nursing in a Nutshell (ebook)









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