Case Assignments

Dear ATC Healthcare Services staffing client,

A Case Assignment is issued any time an incident occurs that is the fault of an ATC representative and we are unable to fix the circumstance.  A Case Assignment is an email message directly from me the Nurse Staffing Director with a formal apology on behalf of my company for the incident and the action that we have taken to minimize the probability of a similar incident from happening again in the future.

I am pleased to state that the issuance of Case Assignments happens very rarely relative to the hundreds of shifts we fill each week throughout Alabama.  However, when we do have Case Assignments the vast majority of them arise due to an ATC nurse failing to show up for his/her shift and my staffing managers were unable to fill the shift with one of our own nurses.  In those cases resolutions typically terminates as a warning to the employee or a 3 – 6 month suspension from our team.

A Case Assignments can also be issued by you our client.  This is your formal way of stating to ATC that you are displeased about a particular aspect of our services and you desire to have immediate attention drawn to the issue from me and our entire team.  Simply email me at stating you need a Case Assignment and I will initiate a number.

Finally every Case Assignment is terminated with a formal designation of “Resolved” which expresses that although an incident has occurred measure have been put into place to minimize the issue from happening in the future.  All Case Assignemnts are formally logged in your client records for our review and consideration in our on going persuite to offer you the best possible nurse staffing solutions in the state of Alabama.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and understand our Case Assignment system.  Please do let me know if you have any questions regarding this valued process!


Kerel Green
Executive Nurse Staffing Director
ATC Healthcare Services – North Central Alabama