Communication Standards

At the ATC Healthcare Services Birmingham location, our clients and healthcare associates love us and are loyal to us much in part due to the following commitments we provide them everyday. We define these communication commitments as CommTrust.

  • Our staffing hours are 5AM – 10PM seven days per week.  General office hours are 8:30AM – 4:30PM Monday through Friday
  • Our branch office is open every day Monday through Friday 8AM – 4:30PM with the exception of the following holidays:
    – Feb 2 President’s Day
    – May 28 Memorial Day
    – Jul 4 Independence Day
    – Sep 3 Labor Day
    – Nov 22 & 24 Thanksgiving
    – Dec 24 & 25 Christmas
    – Jan 1 Happy New Year
  • We return all pertinent text messages during operating hours within at least 15 – 30 min but no later than 60 min.
  • All pertinent email and voicemail are returned within 24 business hours.
  • All phone calls are answered within 3 rings.
  • Our standard phone greeting is as follows “Thank you for calling ATC, this is (name), how may I help you?”
  • We never complete staffing transaction confirmations verbally. We confirm shifts over text or email to provide evidence of commitments.
  • We under promise and over deliver.
  • Communication for us is much more than simply completing a task. We always show honor and care for the person in every communication.
  • Our customers have two communication needs that we fulfill. The first is we complete task in an excellent ON TIME manner. Second, each person has the need for acceptance and appreciation – we at ATC Healthcare Services are masters at providing both.
  • We take our word seriously and do what we say we will do. In other words, we “put our money where our mouth is”.
  • We are not afraid to communicate a commitment. We will tell you upfront what we are going to do for you and when you can expect to hear back from us.
  • We apologize and acknowledge as quickly as possible well before the deadline when we realize we are not going to be able to make good on a commitment. We do everything we can notify you in enough time to prevent damage and provide a solution as an alternative to the original commitment.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding these promises, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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