Diabetes Management

Listed below are helpful resources dedicated to caring for students with diabetes.

Documents and Links

Insulin Pump Information

Below are common insulin pumps seen in school environments according to Children’s of Alabama Diabetes Education Department.

  • Animas Brand (Ping and Vibe pumps)
  • Medtronic Brand (MiniMed, 530, 630G pumps)
  • Omnipod pump
  • Tandem pump: Use the T Simulator App to figure out how to work this pump; app is very easy to use and self-explanatory

Accessing JefCoEd School Menus

How to access JEFCOED menus for carbohydrate counting: (Note: This can only be used from a desktop – will not work on a mobile device)

1. Go to www.jefcoed.com
2. Hold over the “Resources” tab, scroll down to find “Menus”
3. Locate where it says “Nutritional Analysis” on the left side of the screen, and select
4. Locate the menu which applies to your patient(s), and select
5. A page containing pertaining menu will open for the entire month. Select the date you need, scroll over to the left side of the page to find carbohydrates for the meal of choice. Total up all carbohydrates to be consumed, including condiment(s), side(s), drink(s), and dessert(s)