Direct Hire

Dear Client or ATC Nurse,

Our purpose at ATC Healthcare Services, LLC is to communicate staffing between employers and healthcare talent!  We are able to make the placement of healthcare talent either through our payroll or through direct hire.  The declaration of direct placement must be stated at time of assignment.

In general a nurse employed by ATC but later decides to take on employment directly with a client must fulfill one of three obligations before doing so:

A)  completely separate any form of employment activity with the client for at six months from the date of the last shift worked with that client.  After 26 weeks of complete labor separation from the client the nurse may choose to work for the facility with no cost, fees, or obligation to ATC

B) the nurse can work 26 consecutive weeks averaging 36+ hours each week on the ATC payroll with the client.  Upon the successful completion of the assignment the nurse can be hired with no further cost, fees, or obligation to ATC.  Please note the intent to hire any ATC employee must be formally stated to the management of ATC.  At that point ATC would begin the count down of the 26 week obligation to hire

C) the client may choose to ‘buyout’ the ATC employee by paying a liquidation fee of $12,500 or 20% of the annual salary (2080 hours x bill rate x 20%). Whichever of the two is greater.

I am providing here a summary of the terms listed in your formal contract agreement you have on file with ATC Healthcare Services.  Nurses your acknowledgment of this policy can be found on the last page of your employment application with us found on page eight of your new hire onboarding packet.  Clients the details of your obligation to hire an ATC employee can be found in your staffing contract with us.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this message and hope you will let me or one of my staffing managers know if you have further inquires on the process of taking on direct employment with an ATC Healthcare Services client.

Please do not hesitate to call me should you have further inquiry on direct hire process.



Martin A. Briggs
Executive Nurse Staffing Director
ATC Healthcare Services, LLC – Alabama

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