Guidelines for Covering an Exceptional Education Event

Jefferson County Board of Education 

  • Identify yourself as the nurse and set up your work area in a central location. Give your contact/cell number to the person in charge of the event so that they can contact you if needed (Wanda or Treva)
  • Must be on site and available at all times during the event
  • Once teachers/staff bring you student supplies or medication, make out a schedule of times for medications and procedures such as tube feeding/cath/blood sugar checks. Some teachers may not bring you the medication until it is time to be administered so be sure that you are available at all times.
  • If you are not familiar with nursing procedures that students required please contact the agency if you work for ATC or Nursing supervisor (379-2187) if you work for Jefferson County
  • Check medication doses against the PPA (Prescriber/ Parent Authorization form) –they should match
  • Check expiration dates of medications. For medication in a box (ex: inhaler, epipen, glucagon) it is best practice to check not only the box but the ACTUAL medication
  • Check diastat to make sure it is “locked and ready” with proper dosage reflected on the PPA. Band should be green and proper dosage in the “window” Review procedure for administration.
  • Please remember to document on MAR (initial in box AND initial /signature at bottom) once medication is administered. Document on proper paperwork for procedure completed.
  • If you have any questions regarding a student or a student’s medication please contact the school nurse at that child’s base school.

Thank you for taking care of our special Jefcoed students!

JefCoEd Welcome Letter 2018-2019