School Orientation

Dear Alabama K-12 School nurse manager,

Welcome to ATC Healthcare Services, LLC – Alabama’s #1 provider of professional and reliable school nurses!  Please thoroughly review the following statement for a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize our services and the commitment we have to you and your entire school community


Scheduling Shifts

Email and text are the best method of scheduling shifts with ATC.  As a general rule email is the preferred method of booking shifts.  Use text for Emergency Shift coverage required within 24 hours.  We respond to all emails within 24 hours and all text within 30 – 60 minutes or better.

Staffing Standard

Our desire at ATC is to fill 100% of all nursing shifts called in that have a assignment start time 24 or more hours from the time of the request. We strongly recommend sending over initial request at least a week before the assignment date if at all possible. It is our goal to fill all outstanding shifts by noon each Friday for any shifts open within the next 30 days.

Emergency Shifts

We define a shift called in within 24 hour of the start time of the assignment as an Emergency Shift. At that point we will do everything we can to cover the shift however the probability of finding coverage is significantly lower. We recommend booking all shifts a week or two in advance via email.

Cancellation Policy

We are required to bill your school system two hours “time and trouble” for shifts your organization has to cancel within two hours of the start time. We will bill four hours if the nurse is cancelled on arrival. We have a four hour minimum for all shifts. These policies honor the ATC nurses time and provide your school system with a more stable staffing solution.

Do everything you can to only call in shifts that are genuine needs for ATC.  In other words it causes grief on the ATC nurse and the staffer if shifts are called into our office and then cancelled by the school system on a regular basis.

School Nurse Orientation

Your school system is required to orient the ATC nurse to the specific requirements of his/her assignment including locating documentation and supplies, general healthcare needs of the students, etc.  The orientation can be as simple as a quick debriefing over the phone or a face to face meeting before the assignment.  Either method is acceptable depending upon the complexity of the shift(s).

10 x 10 Basic School Nurse Training

As an extra benefit all ATC nurses sent to work in a school are required to attend 10×10 Basic School Nurse Training, a one day seminar conducted in person by the ATC Lead School Nurse Ambassador. The class covers the top ten things every school nurse needs to know to successfully cover a school shift. It is a very helpful class that equips nurses with general knowledge of school nursing however it is not a guarantee of performance or quality out come of the nurse.

Lunch Breaks

Federal law does not require lunch or breaks. However, when employers do offer unpaid meal periods (typically lasting at least 30 minutes) this is not work time and is not compensable, as long as no work is done during the unpaid lunch break. Please remember that to be in compliance with US labor law and not pay hourly employees for their 30 minute lunch break, the associate is to be relieved of all work obligations during the meal period

Case Assignments

Case Assignment is issued any time a major infraction occurs that causes a significant hardship to your school and is the fault of an ATC nurse or ATC staffer. A Case Assignment is our formal way of acknowledging that a significant infraction has occurred, that we are sorry for the mistake, and resolution to minimize the probability of the event reoccurring in the future. You will be notified of any Case Assignments issued and the outcome of our investigation.

Direct Hire of an ATC nurse

Our goal is to staff your school system with nurses that represent your organization well. It is not uncommon in that endeavor that an ATC client and an ATC nurse to discover that they would like to exit the contractual arrangement and enter into a direct hire employment relationship. Please review your staffing agreement and read the Direct Hire of an ATC Nurse article for details on how to arrange this connection

Contact Info

One of our dedicated school nurse managers will text or email you back promptly. Staffing Managers are:

Mrs. Courtney Roe, RN is our lead school nurse ambassador who can be reached via email at

Thank you so much for extending your school nurse staffing partnership with us!  We appreciate your trust and will tirelessly work to earn the name Trustworthy.  Please let us know if you have additional questions or inquires regarding ATC Healthcare Services.